Western or Wailing wall

  Judaism and Barefoot Prayer Shir haShirim 7:2 says, “How beautiful are your feet in sandals,” which led Rabbi Akiva to insist that his son Joshua always covered his feet. The reason? A barefoot was a sign of sensuousness, luxury, and pleasure.In the Talmud, the rabbis direct a person to “sell the roof beams of his house to buy… Continue reading Western or Wailing wall

Divine Acceleration

2021 is the year of acceleration and doubling . What is God’s acceleration principle? When human and plans fails got’hopeless’ lazyness’ in their waiting season started to ran away ‘ God ‘s supernatural participation is Divine Acceleration.  You may fails’stops but God never stops ‘never fails ‘He never late.  Are you too late to fulfill… Continue reading Divine Acceleration


 31st December ‘2020. Powerful Sermon on “Five Expressions of Grace”  1.Saving Grace 2.Sanctyfying Grace 3.Strengthening Grace 4.Sharing Grace 5.Serving Grace It is delivered among the different Churches leadership and laymen in Southern Punjab .Pakistan.  Glory to our Lord Jesus.

The star of Christmas

When Advent comes people set artificial stars on their roofs special in sub continental Churches.We find “His Star ” In the Gospel of Matthew 2:1. … According to astronomers logic “The king of Jews” born should be in Jerusalem ‘ they followed this mysterious star and reached to Jerusalem where they knew Jesus born in… Continue reading The star of Christmas

Bethlehem of Judah

https://youtu.be/jXrjKZ038SM The Bible mentions two towns named Bethlehem, one seven miles northwest of Nazareth in Zebulun (Josh. 19:15; Judg. 12:8–10), and the other five miles southwest of Jerusalemin Judah, the Bethlehemwhere Jesus was born. That Bethlehemis mentioned nearly thirty times in the Old Testament and has a rich history that relates directly to Jesus Christ… Continue reading Bethlehem of Judah


        When we say Advent season! Advent:……… The word Advent means “coming” and refers to Jesus Christ,s coming to earth as an infant and to His promised return to earth known as the second coming. Christ ,s first advent fulfills a long progression of specific prophecies. Genesis 3:15 Deuteronomy 18:18, Genesis 49:10, Micah 5:2,… Continue reading Advent

What Worship is?

                        What Worship is? We do not have general term for “worship” in the Old Testament. But many words are used to describe the actions of worshiping the Lord.The Hebrew word usually translated “worship” in English means, literally, to bow down.The phrase “give thanks”… Continue reading What Worship is?