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All about the FGA Church, Abdul Hakim and Its Ministeries

School of Worship Mentorship started in January 2018, whose vision God gave to his servant Pastor Shaukat Masih on 31st December 2017.

Pastor Shaukat Masih is a graduate of FGA Theological Seminary, Lahore. In addition to being the founder and pastor of FGA Church Abdul Hakim, he is also the founder and director of the School of Worship Mentorship.
He has received formal education in music from Ustad Pervez Paras. Punjabi Psalms and Christian Hymns in combinations of traditional music of the subcontinent and ecclesiastical music are mostly the center of his attention.

The mission of School of Worship Mentorship is to promote music, especially church music, throughout Southern Punjab and then Pakistan and establish a tradition of biblical worship in every church.

The first step is to conduct workshops on worship and ecclesiastical music. You can be part of this great service by joining the vision of the School of Worship Mentorship.

Evangelist Radha Shaukat is the wife of Shaukat Masih who strives day and night for the worldly education of deserving Christian children. She launched a free educational coaching center in 2018 which by the grace of God has now become New Hope School Abdul Hakim where 80 children get quality education in a rented house almost free of cost

FGA Church, Abdul Hakim
We started this church in 2010 with five people. Now, in 2022, 250 believers gather in different homes to worship the Lord weekly and worship at Christmas, Easter, and the Holy Communion under the tents. In 2018, the church site was purchased, which is now owned by FGA Church Abdul Hakim. We are constantly growing in faith and honoring and glorifying the name of God the Father.

The School of Worship Mentorship

The School of Worship Mentorship is a project of FGA Church Abdul Hakim, the vision of which God gave to his servant Pastor Shaukat Masih at the end of 2017. It started in January 2018. The purpose of our worship service is to promote true biblical worship and to equip all Pakistani churches without exception to lead worship.

New Hope School

Abdul Hakim

God gave the vision of New Hope School, Abdul Hakeem to Mrs. Radha Shaukat which started in the form of a coaching center on the roof of the house in 2018. Now by the grace of God, it has become a regular middle school, in which four teachers are providing almost free education to 80 children. The school is housed in a rented building. Our mission is to acquaint Christian children with secular education so that they can live a mature Christian life.